Hosted Buyer Program
(Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia 2024 – THECA)

The Hosted Buyer Program is a unique component of the show that provides top-level potential

buyers, with the opportunity to meet with the exhibitors of their choice to focus onsite one-to-one

business meeting appointments. Qualified buyers will receive many benefits by the organizer.

Professional Business Matchmaking service
• Connect with targeted local/international suppliers
• Plan all your business meetings in advance and save time
• Customize your meeting schedule to suit your needs
• Meet face-to-face with decision makers in the comfort of our designated meeting space
• Network & build strategic alliances

The Hosted Buyer Program is available for the local and overseas buyers/professionals from the below industries:

3.Consumer Goods
6.Electronics Appliances
7.Factory Automation
8.IC Packaging Manufacturers
9.Industrial Equipment
10.IoT Devices
11.LED Lighting & Displays
12.Medical Devices
13.Network, Cloud & HDD
14.PCB Assembly Manufacturers
15.PCB Manufacturers
16.Renewable Energy
17.Research and Development
18.Start up and Developer Company
19.Telecommunications & Mobile Communication Systems

Buyers will commit to:

• Attend a minimum of 3 pre-scheduled meetings with matching exhibitors of choice during 24-25 July 2024.
• Both Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors have to meet at the dedicated Business Matching Zone for each meeting appointments.
• Qualified Hosted Buyers are free to explore the Exhibition area after (his/her) last meeting of each day.

BENEFITS FOR VERIFIED BUYERS may include but are not limited to (terms and conditions applied):
• 1 or 2-night complimentary accommodation at the official hotel.
• Airport – Official Hotel pick up and drop off service.
• Access and usage of the Business Matching System.
• Access to Business Matching Zone and Buyer Lounge.
• Luncheon

Being part of our Hosted Buyer Program, we provide privileges to qualified International Buyer delegates which follows:

The hosted Buyers has to do minimum 3 meetings and above:
1-night (Asia based buyers) or 2-night (US/EU based buyers) stay at the show official hotel during a period of 23-26 July 2024;
– Access to all networking activities
– Access on the business matching portal and Business Matching Zone for the 1 on 1 meeting.

Upon receiving the application, each participant will be reviewed basis on the below criteria (but not limited to) the following:
• Must have existing official company website(s) and company name card can be approved.
• Related company (nature of business or one of business units) in the industrial ecosystem which can be suited for ordering/buying products or services from the show exhibitor(s).
• Level of purchasing or decision-making authority or any other related job title who able to have business conversation/interaction.

• Qualified and confirmed eligible buyers will be notified within 7-10 working days by the organizers through email.

How to apply?
Interested buyers may complete the online registration on our THECA 2024 website from early 2024. On the registration page, kindly state your products of interest as precise as possible.

Approved buyers will receive a confirmation via email from the organizer. Organizer will ask for official flight (itinerary) booking confirmation, filled in official hotel booking form, including passport details, arrange your own meetings with show exhibitors via our business matching system etc. The organizer will provide you the hotel details once we receive the required complete documents.

Hosted Buyers will pre-select and schedule meetings with the relevant exhibitors via our online business matching platform. It is the responsibility of Hosted Buyers to have a minimum of 3 meetings for 1 night (Asia based buyer) /2 nights (EU/US based buyer) to secure complimentary stay at the official hotel as nominated by the organizer.

Hosted Buyers will meet exhibitor(s) based on the pre-arranged meeting date and time. Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors must be punctual and show up first at Business Matching Zone for the organizers to facilitate and guide a meeting table number on each meeting slot and etc.

Hosted Buyers’ hotel room night cost at show official hotel will be paid by the organizer upon fulfilling the minimum of 3 hosted buyer meetings for 1 night for buyers from Asia and 2 night for buyers from EU/US.

*Rules and regulations:
• Exhibitors or non-buyer parties (e.g. media, students and etc.) are not eligible for the above program.
• Only one person per company/ per group of companies is eligible for this program.
• Benefits and program may be subjected to change without prior notice.
• Applicant’s company MUST NOT be an EXHIBITOR of the Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia 2024 (THECA 2024).
• Each company/group of companies is entitled to ONLY ONE OFFER OF REIMBURSEMENT.
This offer is limited available on a first-come-first-served basis.
• Qualified buyer must visit THECA 2024 at least 1 day and complete 3 meetings during 24-25 July 2024 in order to qualify for 1 night (Asia based outside Thailand) or 2 night (EU/US based) hotel.
• The organizers reserve the right to reject any reimbursement requests should there be any informational discrepancies on the passport and air tickets.
• The organizers reserve the rights to vary the terms and conditions, change or terminate the sponsorship program without any prior notice. In case of any disputes over the program, the decision of the organizers shall be final and binding.
• Organizers reserve the right of final decision, refuse/reject application to non-qualified applicant without cause or explanation.

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For more information, please contact;
Mr. Kalanyoo Ammaranon
Business Development Manager
Thailand Printed Circuit Association (THPCA)
Tel: +66 (0) 81-1469890

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