Innovation Zone

Demonstrations: Witness cuting – edge technology demonstrations showcasing the latest innovations in the electronics industry. Get a firsthand look at new products, processes, and technologies.

Best Practices: Learn from industry leaders and experts about the best practices in PCB and PCBA manufacturing. Discover proven strategies for efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Start-up Company Information Sharing: Connect with innovative start-up companies that are revolutionizing the electronics sector. Gain insights into their breakthrough ideas, products, and services.

Explore potential colaborations and partnerships.

Sponsor Showcase: Explore the offerings of event sponsors who play a vital role in driving innovation in the electronics industry. Engage with sponsors to learn about their latest solutions, technologies, and contributions to the field.

The Innovation Zone promises to be an exciting space where attendees can explore, learn, and engage with latest advancements and forward-thinking ideas in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia 2024

Manufacturing & Solution of PCB+PCBA