Government Agencies: Partner with government agencies such as DEPA (Digital Economy Promotion Agency), the Digital Ministry, NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center), and TCEB (Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau) for strong governmental support.

Associations and WECC: Collaborate with industry associations and organizations, including WECC (World Electronic Circuits Council), to enhance the event’ s reach and credibility.

Press and Media: Engage with press and media outlets to ensure comprehensive eventcoverage and promotion.

Institutions: Seek support from educational institutions like EEl (Electronic Engineering Institute), research firms like Prismark, and industry standards organizations like IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) to bolster the event’ s educational and informative aspects.

University: Collaborate with universities to foster knowledge transfer and academic participation. By implementing these strategies, the Thailand Electronic Circuit Asia 2024 event can maximize its impact and provide valuable opportunities for participants, exhibitors, and attendees.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia 2024

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